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Sexual Health, Novelties, Entertainment & the Power of Unity:

The Field of Sexuality & the Adult Novelty Industry

These areas consist of a variety of professionals that contribute to the development of sexuality in our society and are represented through careers in such areas as-

Adult Sex Education Adult News Sexual Product Manufacturing
Adult Entertainment Adult Retail Adult Home Party
Adult Distribution Adult Organizations Adult Legal & Security
Sexual Therapy Medical Community Adult Social Media

Our Unity Brings Empowerment

With Democrats and Republicans alike going after adult companies and professionals, and negative attacks from select groups, the field of sexuality and the adult novelty industry need to collaborate in order to unify our voices through an association that reflects our goals and ideals. If we can do this, we can take a proactive stance rather than a reactive one. Being educated and unified is in our highest good; after all... it is OUR industry.

As professionals, we are all, in some capacity, catering sexual products or services to adults and are interested in protecting ourselves. We read the news, we seek legal advice and we may even spend a lot of time jumping through one hoop after another to remain compliant with not only current laws but looming ones.

Yet, we need a common thread, an educational community in which we ALL come together, including all the specialized organizations for the field of sexuality and the adult novelty industry. Why not demonstrate our own professional code to show that we are law abiding, conscientious companies that are part of solutions to societal problems; not contributors?

It is high time that we demonstrate to the community that currently, such professionals, more often than not, cater to healthy sexuality. From education to entertainment we are often meeting the needs that society demands; yet often shoved into the closet like an adulterous lover. As we hide we hope we won't be destroyed by hypocritical leaders that claim to represent the very collective majority that put us into business in the first place.

When we bring pleasure, enhance sex lives and educate the sexually ignorant, why should we have to contend with unfair attempts to label us as immoral or be imposed with 'sin taxes' that are twenty-five percent or more? Are we really willing to settle as being labeled a shame based industry or can we take control of our destinies through empowering communication and unification?


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