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Apprentice Benefits
Apprentice NAASAS Members

This membership is for those individuals who are students and aspiring professionals. If you already have an established practice or business you will need to join as a Professional or Executive member.

Please read and apply to be a NAASAS member BEFORE you attempt to sign up for the members only social network.

An Apprentice Membership includes access to all of our amazing business resources including business directories, academic resources, workshops, webinars, consulting services and our private, exclusive member social network.

You will receive instant access to-

NAASAS provides access to our social network group for members and it is the perfect place for professionals to advertise their educational services and events to students and aspiring professionals. You can promote your business and network..

Please note that only Professional and Executive Members can advertise their services on our main public website

How to Get Started on the Private NAASAS Social Network-

Once you have paid your recurring annual membership fee, and joined the NAASAS social network, you can post whatever educational events and services that meet our educational service guidelines using any of the NAASAS social network features outlined below-

Pay for Annual Membership


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