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Advancing & Unifying
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Field of Sexuality

The National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality - NAASAS is a brand new academic organization and coalition effort for aspiring and established professionals in the adult novelty (sexual products) industry and for those in the field of sexuality. With just over 750 members we are a growing organization that is just in the beginning stages and will be officially launching in the near future.

We offer FREE membership allowing members to explore educational resources, trends, collaborate and even promote their own educational services and products. Members enjoy our social network and access to our services. Examples of professionals that belong to our organization are: adult home party companies and representatives, adult retailers, adult distributors, sex toy manufacturers, adult legal organizations, sexual health educators, sex therapists and more.

NAASAS Academy

Our school provides classes, workshops, webinars and consulting for specific niches in the field of sexuality to help professionals advance their business or practice.

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Display the NAASAS logo on your site and promotional materials to show your membership and commitment to excellence.

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Safe Sexual Products Campaign

We provide a coalition effort that promotes and educates for safer sexual products while providing lab tests for consumer safety.

Empowered Collaboration

No matter what specific career you pursue when it comes to sexuality; it is one of the most competitive, socially controversial and legally precarious professions in which one can become involved. That is why ongoing education for professionals is so important. Through our unity, we bring advancements to the field sexuality by lifting the sexual products industry to a higher level of professionalism; thus, allowing the world to feel safer with our products & services.

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